Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Install PHP Imagick in Windows

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How to install php_imagick.dll in windows php. you need to know the exact version of your PHP. To do this: open a command prompt and enter these commands

Determine the PHP version:
php -i|find "PHP Version"

Determine the thread safety
php -i|find "Thread Safety"
You’ll have enabled for thread safe or disable for not thread safe

Determine the architecture
php -i|find "Architecture"
You’ll have x86 for 32 bits and x64 for 64 bits

PHP Imagick

after knowing your php version,  you have to download the dll of the PHP extension and the ImageMagick archive using the following table:

VersionThread Safe# of bitsEstensionImageMagick

Download the file properly and do it this way

  • Extract from php_imagick-….zip to the ext directory the php_imagick.dll file of your PHP installation
  • Extract from ImageMagick-….zip to the root PHP directory (where php.exe resides) the DLL files that start with:
  • Add this line to your php.ini file: extension=php_imagick.dll
Restart your php and your server. Done. your php imagick  on windows has been active

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