Monday, August 10, 2015

XAMPP : Couldn't start Apache Windows 10

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Recently windows has issued the latest version, Windows 10. This version update is free if you have an official license. But on Windows 10, the xampp problematic and can not run apache. but do not worry, here's the solution.

The error that occurred turned out port 80 is used for apache has been used by other applications. xampp advised to shut down the application and then restart apache on xampp. Which application that uses the port 80 ?. The application is the Word Wide Web Publishing Service.

In Windows 10, the Word Wide Web Publishing Service comes pre-installed. This is related to IIS and you can remove it if you don't need it.

This blocks the port 80 making Apache act weirdly. You can do the following and try again.

  1. Go to Start, type in services.msc
  2. Scroll down in the Services window to find the World Wide Web Publishing Service.
  3. Right click on it and select Stop.
  4. This should make port 80 free and restarting WAMP/XAMPP should get you up and running!

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